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M.G Excellent Services Corporation offers General Contractor services, Whether residential, commercial or industrial construction projects, we take attention to the small things that could have a big impact on the achievement of your project.






We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality and professional services to each customer

Since 2022, M.G Excellent Services Corporation has been finishing superior quality building and remodeling projects in the Miami and Palm Beach area. For nearly two decades, this family owned and operated Miami General Contractor Company has established itself in residential, commercial and industrial construction industry. Our professional staff has the knowledge and expertise to handle all types of general contractor projects creating long term relationships with our clients through our experience and dedication.

M.G Excellent Services Corporation works with clients, designers, engineers and architects in a construction process to meet or exceed the needs of the construction project and ensure the best balance between cost, quality, and delivery time. From beginning to end of construction project, we provide an experienced construction manager and on-site project contractor supervisor to maintain full control and coordination of the schedule, budget, safety, and professional quality of the project.

Don’t put your property in the hands of an inexperienced general contractor.

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From small to large commercial, industrial and residential projects.


There are a lot of general contractors that promises to deliver professional contractor services and itߦs really just difficult to know if them are telling you the truth or not.

Before hiring a general contractor you must know:

1. Availability – Most general contractors are available from Monday to Friday, but there are a few that continue working until Saturday noon. If youߦre looking to find out the best contractor company, you need to ensure that they can be available the majority of the time, because this will guarantee that they can have the ability to finish your project on time.

2. License – A person who is not licensed to work in your property should not do it. The same goes when hiring a general contractor; you must never allow a person who is not certified and unlicensed to work on your property construction project.

3. Professionalism ߦ Just how they handle your needs is an excellent way to look for the professionalism of the contractor. Ensure that the contractor speaking with you sounds professional, and is willing to help you with your construction project.

4. Pricing Structure ߦ Checking the prices structure of the general contractor company is one of easy and simple ways to get the best contractor. Keep in mind that a cheaper contractor service is not always better. If you are choosing between two general contractors, you need to make sure that you will be comparing the services that you will get from them to ensure that you get the best price for the contractor service that you require.

5. Guarantees / Insurances ߦ The last thing that youߦll require to check will be the guarantees or insurances they are offering. Most general contractors can provide this to you; you need to spend a few times in checking it in order to be sure that youߦll be able to claim it.

Don’t put your property in the hands of an inexperienced general contractor.

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Need a quality General Contractor Services in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach area ? Our general contractor specialists are available to help you with your needs.




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